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Screenium, Screen Capture Advance for Mac OS X


The complete Sceencasting Toolbox
Screencasts are the most effective way of explaining how to work on a Mac to friends, relatives, colleagues or customers. Screenium will help you show a workflow by making capturing it easy. Start the recording and forget about it while you concentrate on what you do best — equipping your viewers with knowledge.

ScreeniumSo much better than screenshots
Record exactly what you see on your screen and make it a screencast. Whether you’re tech support looking for a smart way of visually documenting the solution to a recurring problem, if you long to capture and distribute your university lectures or plain simply want to show the world your browser game high score via YouTube.com – Screenium will get out of your way and simply capture the video for you.

Screenium 2 offers a choice of four capture modes: capture the entire screen, a single window, a freely selectable area on your screen or have an area follow your mouse pointer.
Screenium 2 also introduces a completely new and built-in video editor. Now it is also possible to create stunning compositions of your captured videos directly in Screenium 2.

Whether it is cutting, adding transitions, organizing your screencast with chapter marks, or adding effects and animated forms and text, Screenium 2 offers all the features you need to create advanced screencasts.

* Cut and edit you video directly in Screenium 2
* Organize your video with chapter marks
* Emphasize you mouse clicks or focus on the menu you were working in by adding zoom effects in the video editor
* Animate text and shapes in the video editor to hide sensitive information or to highlight menu entries
* Customize cross fade animations and brush up you screencast with special effects
* Edit audio and add audio filters to improve sound quality
* Have Screenium hide your desktop wallpaper and icons during capture.
* Record everything you hear from your Mac’s speakers along with the video.
* Connect a microphone or use your Mac’s integrated mic to record your voice.
* Integrate a video from any QuickTime-compatible webcam or from your Mac’s integrated iSight.
* Have your mouse pointer and your clicks stand out with the included mouse visualization.
* Control main features with freely assignable keyboard shortcuts.
* Export your captured videos into any QuickTime format available on your Mac.

Cut your videos directly in Screenium 2
Screenium 2 provides all features you would expect from a modern video editor. Cut your audio and video clips on multiple tracks, add transitions between the different cutscenes, or adjust the length of your clips. The convenient user interface of the Video Editor enables you to easily make impressive results.

Animate text and shapes
By changing the position of an object, a key frame can be automatically added to the timeline. This way, you can animate forms and text objects in various ways, add forms to highlight menu entries, hide sensitive information or animate text objects to brush up an introductory sequence. Even the place of the video itself can be animated, enabling you to customize the cross fade animations between different video sequences. If you are in a hurry, an extra choice of predefined animations can be instantly added with just a few mouse clicks.terface of the Video Editor enables you to easily do impressive results.

Emphasize mouse activity
Clarity of the explained steps is a vital need for a good video tutorial. Screenium 2 provides a great tool to highlight mouse clicks and activated windows by zooming directly to the point of interest. Emphasize your mouse clicks to clarify the steps you have taken or focus the attention on the menu you were working in. This way you can decrease what can distract the attention of your audience. As the zoom effects are added optionally after capturing a video sequence, they can be edited and adjusted any time.

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