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Pac N Jump for iPad, iPhone, and iPod


Pac-Man’s at it again, feeding his hunger with those yummy yellow dots. Bouncing and bopping, he just can’t stop! Keep your momentum up, but be careful: one fall and it’s back to the bottom.

Help Pac-Man escape from each hole (stage), while chomping on Pac-Dots, Power Pellets, Fruit, pesky GHOSTS and other spectacular surprises.

Achieve stellar scores and unlock additional themed stages, where you’ll need to keep on the look out against ambushes by classic Namco characters, like the Galaga Boss and other famous classic characters! Try your best to unlock them all!

Become the world champion with support for Game Center Leaderboards and achievements!

New stages unlock as you progress, including DIG DUG, GALAGA and more!
Each stage has different enemy characters, items, and special maps!
Unlock all the stages and master every one!
Game Center compatibility lets you vie for supremacy on the Leaderboard and collect Achievements!
Perfect for platform jumping fans!

9.9 MB
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GD Star Rating
Pac N Jump for iPad, iPhone, and iPod, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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