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MacBook Fan Noise Ultimate Solution Idea Guide in Video


Every MacBook or MacBook Pro reaches its 3 years. Very seldom, they died before that time frame. Generally 3 years old MacBook and MacBook Pro is very effective machine for its time. But they will have more fan noise, heat related problems in performance and health of the machine. Here is the how you apply a good thermal paste solution and renew thermal paste and optimize its usage. Please treat this video as an idea guide, not step to step guide. Here is we show you how you manage open and treat your machine. It is gentle but not fragile. You may do it with yourself but be careful we do not take any responsiblity of the damage while you doing it. Please visit our post about Macbook and Macbook Pro Fan Noise Solution for further information and comments.

Watch to get idea how you make your macbook cooler and faster even years after you bought it.

This thermal paste (MX-2) non conductive. please if you use conductive thermal paste be very careful on usage…

This video is also a guide for how to replace your logic board on previous version MacBook Pros


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