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Macbook and Macbook Pro Fan Noise Solution


Our recommendation for every Macbook and Macbook Pro that is older than 3 years is replace thermal paste (with nonconductive one) and cleaning internal fans. Our experience on many MacBook and MacBook Pro, their performance decreasing after approx. 3 years because of thermal issues. Those generally because of the thermal paste used in them not good after 3 years and dirt become solid on fans. We will post some updates on our post about this. After approx. 3 years, thermal issues are not only decrease your performance: We are nearly sure, thermal issues because of thermal paste and fan dirt are  very effective on logic board and graphic card problems that finished with either logic board replacement or death Macbook or Macbook Pro. We are very suspicious on iMacs probably have same issues but not have any experience on them other than 5 iMacs we cleaned up and working better. We are recommend Artic Cooling Mx-2, non conductive thermal compound that last nearly 5 years.

Four Solutions that rescue you from Macbook and Macbook Pro Fan Noise and Performance Decreasing
Macbook and Macbook Pros, especially Macbook Pros, have fan noise problem even they have clean and 100% working fans. Here is so suggestion before you change the fans or any other hardware. You may have fan noise because of a print job, an application or disc permissions, they you may easily fix and rescue your Apple Macbook or Apple Macbook Pro from fan noise.

First Recommendation
1. Go into your print jobs (system preferences > printers) and there will be a pending print job.
2. Cancel the print job

Second Recommendation
1. Repair Permissions (Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility)

Third Recommendation
1. Problem maybe the DashboardClient. Just quit it from activity monitor with choosing its name

As our readers suggested, in these pictures two different fans existed. You must find your original fan’s socket color before replacement. Black or white. According to your fan’s socket color you need find replacement. We changed two MacBook Pro fan with different colors sockets, but it needs some experience.

How to fix MacBook Pro fan that makes noise without replacement
Before changing fans you may try use some liquid that makes easy rotating. After some of 3 years (if you have pet, or polluted air, or you are smoker… the time is getting shorter. Clean environment means longer working time for fans notebook work without problem), the liquid become dry. If you add some new liquid your fans maybe work. Here is a quick fix guide for you.

You going to need tools for this fix as you need replacement your fans. So first try this solution for fixing non working notebook fan or noisy fan before get replacement.

You must have
1 – [raw]T6 Torx screwdriver[/raw]
2 – [raw]00 Phillips screwdriver[/raw]
3 – [raw]WD-40 Lubricant[/raw]

We provided Amazon links to you for direct buying. We recommend compressed air to clean the dust from notebook fans. It maybe gives your fan a little longer and silent life.

This guide generally works on any Macbook, Macbook Pro and Pc notebook. Just fallow steps and understand the idea. Unibody models needed a little different way of order for opening them. If you have Macbook Pro produced in 2010 (April 2010 and after) you going to need Triwing screwdriver instead [raw]T6 Torx screwdriver[/raw]. According your notebook model other than Mac, you may search info for how to open it and fallow general idea of this guide to silence your notebook fans and decreasing temperature of your notebook.

For MacBook Pro (Before Unibody)
Here is the links for opening your MacBook Pro and MacBook for fixing fans.
MacBook Pro
Right Fan, Left Fan
MacBook Unibody
Right Fan, Left Fan

Disassemble the laptop with [raw]T6 Torx screwdriver[/raw] and 00 Phillips screwdriver according guides above and your Mac or notebook model.
After you’ve extracted the fan from the Mac’s innards, the fan assembly comes apart quite easily (by two Phillips screws), into three pieces. The inside of the fan assembly  is the noise culprit, it just needs to be cleaned and to apply [raw]WD-40 Lubricant[/raw].

Get rid of any debris using a cloth. Then, apply some [raw]WD-40 Lubricant[/raw] to the axe.

After assembling the MacBook (follow the directions in reverse), use the app smcFanControl to increase speed of fans for 30 seconds or so, and when you decrease them back down to normal speed, the lubricant should have work. The Mac Book Pro fans once again operates as it should, silently.

Watch to get idea how you make your macbook cooler and faster even years after you bought it.

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