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Your Hackintosh cannot wake up from sleep, what is the solution?


Reinstall general direction for people to resolve infamous sleep issue on Hackintosh. Suddenly you had issue (you may forget energy settings for avoiding sleep or everything fine with sleep but somehow now your computer cannot wake up from it), what you can do.

We had the issue with Lenovo S-10 II. We forget to set never sleep on battery mode and computer slept. Suddenly we had a Hackintosh that cannot wake up from sleep. We tried hard power down, safe mode start but Hackintosh could not have hard start and continue to try awake every time we tried to start.

We search forums and lots of websites for the solutions. Nobody giving simple answer. They recommend key fix, loader fix etc. Our system was perfect and we do not need rearrange anything and corrupt perfect working Hackintosh. Suddenly simple answer come for the problem.

You should have a working Mac OS X computer, USB case for SATA hd for this simple fix.

Fallow this steps and you got 5 minutes fix for cannot wake up from sleep.

1. Disassemble your netbook hd from computer
2. Put it in a Usb case/firewire case and connect it working mac os x computer
3. When your netbook hd appears in your mac os x computer. Note the name of the hd.
4. Go finder. Choose Go command in menu. Choose Go to folder command and write
/Volumes/Your HD name/private/var/vm/sleepimage (change Your HD name with yours)
5. Erase sleepimage file from the folder
6. Put your hd back to your Hackintosh.

Now your Hackintosh working again. If you forget energy setting in your preferences, go to it and set never while in battery mode too.

If you have no Mac computer other than your Hackintosh, you may download MacDrive and directly go to folder of system drive in your windows. Path will be your-mac-system-drive-partion/private/var/vm. Find your sleepimage file and delete it. Put your hd back to your hackintosh. If you cannot see the private folder under your system folder, you may need change windows settings in folder permissons to see hidden files.

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