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Things Removed in Snow Leopard

  • PowerPC support
  • The blood on the signature snow leopard’s mouth, except for in the wallpaper
  • 32-bit screensaver support on 64-bit capable machines (in effect; it’s more of a replacement thing since loginwindow has to run under some architecture)
  • Cocoa Java runtime support
  • AppleTalk printing
  • Creator code adherence when opening files
  • Carbon project templates in the clean install of Xcode (they just don’t want you to start anything new)
  • Jam build system-based project templates in the clean install of Xcode (the Jam support has been removed)
  • Python and Ruby project templates in the clean install of Xcode
  • Distributed network builds in Xcode (although not shared network builds)
  • QuickTime Pro the “pay $29.99″ nickel-and-dime model (sort of, and not QuickTime Player 7, which is maintained across upgrades and is available from the disc)
  • Support for QuickTime video digitizer plugins in 64-bit apps
  • Java versions 1.4.x and 1.5.x
  • AFP support for protocol versions prior to 3.0
  • ODBC Administrator as bundled (available online)
  • (”Plain”) HFS write support
  • Contextual menu plugin support in 64-bit
  • Quick Look generator support for non-bundle, non-package folders
  • The utility “AirPort Utility for Graphite and”– yes, “Snow”
  • AppleScript Utility (settings moved to AppleScript Editor Preferences)
  • The “nuh-uh” shaking login window behavior when you’re bound to a domain/directory and enter the wrong password (it’s still there when you’re not bound to a domain/directory)
  • Preinstalled developer examples (yes, they’re available online, but there’s no longer a bunch of them installed for you for playing around with)
  • Preinstalled local/offline API documentation (workaround)
  • ZFS support
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