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Squashed Software RAID Monitor for Mac OS X


Here is useful software for OSX users for RAID monitoring. RAID Monitor is a utility to monitor the state of your RAID.  If the software detects a problem with the RAID set, Raid Monitor will email you to let you know that there is an issue you need to resolve.

Constant Monitoring
RAID Monitor will automatically check the status of the RAID. If a fault is found with the RAID it will generate an email notifying the recipients of the fault.

Hardware Monitoring
RAID Monitor fully supports the (Apple-supplied) MegaRAID card, and the new AppleRAID card.

Log Monitoring
RAID Monitor automatically monitors the system.log file for drive errors. If a error is detected RAID Monitor will send an email alert to the email recipients.

24 Hour Monitoring
RAID Monitor will send an email report every 24 hours to give you peace of mind that the RAID is functioning correctly and the email link between you and your RAID is functioning correctly.

Background Daemon
RAID Monitor does not need to be running in order for the RAID to be monitored. A background process monitors the RAID without the interface open.

Email Alerts
If a fault is found with the RAID it will generate an email. Advanced email settings allow for full configuration of the SMTP settings. All alerts can be modified to contain any desired information.

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