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Micromat TechTool Pro 6 for Mac Daignostics and Repair


New TechTool Pro comes with self bootable volume creator on existing system disc and this is big step for Air users. Without bootable disc or media, you may fix or defrag your system volume. Here is Micromat’s TechTool Pro 6.

Using TechTool Pro, you don’t need to be an expert. With an easy-to-use interface, single-click diagnostics scan critical CPU, memory, video hardware and more to identify impending problems to help you prevent costly repairs. New in version 6, TechTool Pro ships standard in a 3 user Family Pack, yet provides a comprehensive suite of tests that also delivers for the Mac professional.

TechTool Pro however checks the directory and repairs it and goes on to check the RAM and Video card, and will optimize not only the files but the free space as well, plus it will perform a clone backup, will monitor your network looking for questionable activity. On top of this it will recover data that has been lost, and the finally it will build a separate bootable volume that can act as an emergency disk that has the most needed utilities on board (and has space for DiskWarrior as well). And as has been mentioned it will work in the background checking for problems that are occurring with your files.

Version 6.0.1
*Adds support for creating a bootable volume on the Mac’s active drive, eliminating *the need for a bootable DVD.Makes
*it easier to diagnose and repair hardware issues.
*Volume Cloning, for quickly creating exactly volume duplicates
*Local Network Tool, which lists active services and ports on each Mac or Bonjour device on the local network.

Release name

Mac Os X Lion supported Micromat TechTool Pro
Release Name
55.76 MB

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