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More Memory for Mac OS X


When we saw this application, we remembered old school Ram Doubler for Mac and PC world’s ram optimizers, but it gives not magic keyword for sale. It cleans unused memory. We all need it in Mac OS X. Think about how many times you need restart because of Safari, Photoshop and etc. Even you close the program, memory cannot rescued. Here is the solution candidate for that problem in Mac OS X. More Memory…

Does your Mac need more memory? How can you tell? Often when a Mac needs more RAM things will start slowing down and you’ll suffer a noticeable performance hit. Don’t want to take the time to restart? More Memory can help! More Memory clears the inactive RAM on your computer, allowing you to have more open applications, and get things done faster! More Memory takes only about 5 seconds to refresh your memory. Have up to 2 more GB of free RAM in seconds!

Final Cut Users
Photoshop Users
Everyone that uses a Mac!

Recorded by Screen Flow

Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Release Name
Apple Application Store, Buy

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