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Mavericks Gold Master Stated

After Mac OS X 10.9 beta upgraded 9 times in last 3 months, we had Gold Master at the end. Apple released 10.9 Mavericks GM (Gold Master = Release Version). Flawless upgrade. Working in production machine. Some issues on iPhoto and Xcode but not big deal. Nice performance gains on i5 and i7 machines. We do not tested on older machines that work with Core2Duo. Memory management nice. With 4 GB ramed Macbook Air 2011, i can open more applications concurrently.
OS X 10.9 13A598

OS X 10.9 13A598

October 3rd, 2013 Following today's release of OS X Mavericks Build 13A598 for members of the company's AppleSeed testing program, Apple has now posted the build for all registered Mac developers, referring to it as the "GM" (Golden Master) version that will be released to the public.
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