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MainMenu v2, Keep your Mac in shape


main menu system optimizer for mac os x leopardMainMenu… Don’t have time to run all the various tools and scripts to keep your Mac running smoothly? MainMenu makes these tasks quick and easy, right from your menubar.

Rebuilding your Spotlight library for faster searching, repairing permissions, cleaning caches to improve application performance, and even more advanced settings – such as enabling and disabling the Dashboard – are no more than two clicks away.

MainMenu is full of powerful maintenance tools to keep your Mac running like new, within a slick, simplistic interface.

main menuRun your Mac faster
Clean caches to improve application performance, rebuild your Spotlight library for faster search, and repair disk permissions for faster disk access.

Easy to use
MainMenu sits readily available in your system menu so you have all the functionality right at your fingertips.

Batch tasks
Save time by grouping your common maintenance tasks into convenient batches.

For pros only
Clean log files, remove temporary files, flush the DNS cache, disable and enable the Dashboard, and remove corrupted preferences files.

Growl notifications
Let MainMenu unobtrusively inform you when it completes maintenance tasks.

Version 2.0.3:
Added help that explains what each task does and when to use it
Batch tasks now shows which tasks require a restart
Added German localization
Fixed problem with a phantom window appearing in Expose
Fixed problem showing hidden files in Snow Leopard
Fixed problem flushing the DNS cache in Snow Leopard
Fixed problem with clean Dashboard in Snow Leopard

Release name
Homepage NFO

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