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iZip, archive opener


When we first downloaded iZip, we thought it is another zip application in the row. When we drag and drop iZip to our application folder, it asked which type of archives we wished to bind the application. With iZip, you may open zip, RAR, 7-Zip and StuffIt archives. With this little application you have all the archive opener solutions under a package for Mac OS X. Nice with this price tag, although free version of Stuff It gives the same, iZip does not have any screen to interrupt you.

We clicked all archive types, bind them with iZip and close preferences window of the application. In finder, we go on an archive and wish to see what iZip does. All icons of archives now turn to small box that represents iZip. We chose a rather mid sized archive to see what iZip performance. When you double click on an archive file it acts like Stuffit. We do not feel any performance issue. Even with multi parted rar files, no problem for iZip. In our tests we decided we may use iZip for default archive opener.

Get iZip for your mac. Uncompress zip, rar, stuffIt, 7-zip, cab and tar archives files.

What’s New in Version 2.1
App optimization

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