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iDefrag, Defragmentation and Optimization for Mac OS X


iDefrag is a defragmentation and optimization software for Mac OS X users. What is best for it? It is no need bootable CD/DVD. You do not have hassle creating a bootable CD/DVD or USB Stick for defragmentation of your system volume.

Every Mac user has noticed it; over time, your system slows down. This is particularly true in these days of constant security updates, as replacing operating system components not only increases file fragmentation, but also creates a more insidious problem—over time, the operating system itself ends up scattered all over your disk.

This, of course, doesn’t show up as fragmentation—after all, the files themselves are probably contiguous—but nevertheless, it takes your machine longer to start-up, it takes programs longer to start, and it takes longer to get your work done.
iDefrag solves these problems and more, by defragmenting and optimizing your Mac’s filesystem.

New in iDefrag 2
Defragment individual files
No bootable CD/DVD required!
Improved performance
Improved user interface 

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