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iArchiver – The Mac way to work with archives


iArchieverAbout iArchiver
Handle archives easily. iArchiver is a must-have tool for anyone working with archives. Open all the popular archive formats from RAR over StuffIt to 7zip, and of course Zip. Safely backup your files with iArchiver’s built-in encryption support. And convert easily between archive formats, such as from RAR to Zip. Helps you create, extract and convert archives with a beautiful and enjoyable drag and drop interface. Let iArchiver handle your Zip, DMG, 7-zip, RAR, StuffIt, hqx, Bzip2, Gzip, and many more common and not so common file formats effortlessly for you.

Open archives
You can’t open that email attachment or download? iArchiver opens RAR, StuffIt, 7zip, industry-standard Zip and many more archive formats.

Convert archives
Your boss just received a RAR file that he can’t open and needs your help? Impress your boss by converting RAR to Zip with iArchiver in no time.

Create secure backups
You have some files you want to backup securely? With iArchiver you can encrypt and password-protect your archives in just a few easy steps.

Create archives
You need to send large files to a customer? Let iArchiver compress them ultra-tightly for you in a few simple steps.

Common use cases
– You’re a developer and want to distribute your applications in Apple’s disk image (DMG) format
– You received a RAR file that you need to convert to ZIP to share with your boss or colleagues
– You work with large files and need that extra bit of compression offered by 7-zip

What’s New in this Version
– Makes iArchiver fully Snow Leopard compatible

Release name
8.11 MB
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