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DaisyDisk, Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac


DaisyDisk scans your disks and presents their content as interactive maps where you can easily spot unusually large files and remove them to get more free space. The map gives you an overview of your data, so you always know what your hard disks are filled with. DaisyDisk scans a disk and displays its content as a sector diagram where the biggest files and folders at once become obvious. To drill down to a folder, just click on a segment.

Why DaisyDisk
No matter how large your disks are, the amounts of data you store on them grow too fast. You can ease your life for a while by using one of automatic “cleaners” to save a few hundred megabytes or even a few gigabytes but very soon you’ll face the same problem. We propose a better solution: find out real space wasters and remove them. Fast and easy. DaisyDisk scans your disks and display them in a form of the interactive visual map, so you can find out where the space have gone, preview and delete large files and folders you no longer need. You can find out a long ago forgotten virtual machine image, huge cache file or a DVD movie rip you wanted to see during last year’s vacation. It’s way more efficient than spending hours on manually sorting downloads folder or guessing how come your Mac drive has no free space when you need it most. Therese much better uses to your disks than carrying useless data.

All disks at a glance
DaisyDisk gives you a perfect overview of all volumes now mounted, be it internal disc, USB thumb stick, FireWire drive, network or even virtual disk mounted with FUSE. Mount disk images, attach external drives and they’re immediately displayed in DaisyDisk’s list. Add, delete files, unmount disks… all the changes are real-time, so you always know which volumes are mounted and how much free space you have on each of them. You can also get volume info and eject volumes from within the application.

Details do matter
DaisyDisk is not only visually appealing, it’s also very easy to use. Once scanned, your disk is displayed as sunburst map, a very visual representation of all your files and folders. We have put many efforts into improving original sunburst map and the application’s interface to make sure it leaves competition far behind. Consistent coloring and familiar navigation makes sure you won’t get lost in data debris, fine-tuned disk map provides relevant information and preview is right when you need it. Animated transitions are not just eye candy, they improve navigation. There’s much more than meets the eye.

Lightning fast
Modern hard disks can be as big as several terabytes and contain millions of files and folders. Scanning such amounts of data can take significant time even on modern hardware as disk speed cannot catch up the growth of capacity. We have fine-tuned our scanning engine so disk analysis runs as fast as possible. As a result, DaisyDisk outperforms competing products in scan speed by up to 50%. Hey, DaisyDisk won’t even choke on Time Machine disks which causes many “disk scanners” to freeze or crash.

Release Name
7.68 MB

Release Name: DaisyDisk.v2.0.7.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 7.68 MB


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