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Serial Box 12-2011, December 2011


Serial Box for Mac, December 2011
Serialbox is an application running on the Mac OS X including Mac OS X Lion (10.7) that is offering you a huge choice of serials numbers exclusively for the Mac Platform. Here’s issue #113 with 52 new entries.

iSerial Reader 2.0.10 and Serial Seeker 1.3.6 (B2)
Note: The new builds of iSR don’t support 10.4 anymore. This is an older build with the latest security certificate that opens sb2 files on 10.4.

Instructions (How to use it)
Open “SerialSeeker.dmg”, then copy the application into the applications folder. Open the “SerialBox.sb2″ file with the “SerialSeeker” application.

Release Name
13.12 MB – zip file, single extraction

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GD Star Rating
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