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Twitterrific, Making Twitter Extra Terrific


Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website. The application’s user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop.

All New!
Redesigned with the same powerful features as iOS for a unified cross-platform experience.
Easy to Use
Twitterrific is the easiest, most user friendly Twitter client available. Designed for you.
Multiple Windows
Open accounts in separate windows for easy organization & viewing (paid only).
Read and Tweet
Browse and reply easily. Compose new tweets, replies, direct messages & RTs.
Search, Trends & Lists
Create and save customized searches, view trends & browse personal lists.
Translate Tweets
Select any tweet and have it instantly translated to your native language.
Full Keyboard Control
Navigate the timeline and perform actions, all from your keyboard.
Select between light and dark visual styles to find the one that best suits your tastes.
Unified Timeline
Tweets are color-coded and presented in a unified timeline for easy viewing.

Official Website, Tryout

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