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Quiet Read Pro, a good browser companion for Mac OS X


Keep Your Word with Quiet Read. Quiet Read Pro was designed to be light and simple. Its as easy as dragging a link onto the menu bar. Quiet Read is a better solution for storing URLs than tossing them in a text file or keeping a folder of Internet Location files in the Finder. Quiet Read is completely free, but there is a set of features that is only available after purchasing a license. These features are:

*Send links to Instapaper.
*Send links to Read It Later.
*Shorten links.
*Global shortcut.
*Link list search and filter.
*Multiple link selection.
*Extended sorting options.
*Export to CSV.

Sometimes, when you are browsing the web, you want to store a link for later. There are note taking applications and everything-buckets to do that, but you wanted something light and simple. Simple as dragging a link onto a menu bar item to store it.

Here is what you’ll get once you launch Quiet Read.

You can also use the bookmarklet to add links to Quiet Read. Drag this link: Add to QR to your bookmarks bar, and you will be all set. Or you might want to try the Safari Extension.

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