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GarageSale is a slick, full-featured client application for the eBay online auction system. With GarageSale Mac OS X users can edit, track and manage all their auctions with one single application – easily and fast.

Use GarageSales intuitive and reliable interface to create eBay auctions conveniently. Stop waiting for eBay to lead you through endless web pages step-by-step.

No more hassle: Create and manage your auctions with ease

GarageSale is fast, easy to use and comes with everything you need to create, list and manage your auctions. GarageSale also integrates perfectly with iPhoto, offers WYSIWYG text editing, free image hosting and comes with over 130 free auction designs. GarageSale supports many eBay Sites, eBay Motors, Digital Delivery, PayPal, Twitter and eBay Stores. Have a look at the Features section to learn more about GarageSales great capabilities.

See what user created auctions have been recently viewed. Or browse the messages at the very active GarageSale user group to see who else uses GarageSale. Or take a look what other users think about GarageSale on the eBay Solutions Directory.

The current version of GarageSale supports

eBay USA
eBay Canada
eBay Australia
eBay United Kingdom
eBay Ireland
eBay Germany
eBay Austria
eBay Switzerland
eBay France
eBay Spain
eBay Italy
eBay Netherlands
eBay Belgium (FR)
eBay Belgium (NL)
eBay Hong Kong
eBay Singapore
eBay Motors (US)

Supported languages
English, German, French.

Whats New
Version 6.4.1:

* support for excluding certain countries or regions as shipping destinations
* removed MobileMe image hosting option
* fixed multiple issues with listing items on eBay Motors
* all possible duration values are now available as default setting for new listings in the preference panel
* fixed an issue where column headers were not visible when printing income reports
* custom specifics can be imported from GarageSales XML import format
* handling time can be imported from GarageSales XML import format
* listing title can be chosen as an attribute when revising auctions
* reserve price can be chosen as an attribute when revising auctions
* fixed a bug that prevented image importing directly from camera
* improved code for updating shipping tracking number from eBay
* fixed a possible crash when GarageSale was sent to background
* uses most recent version of Media Browser component for importing images
* when the SKU field is changed, item cost are updated to match linked product cost
* when importing items from xml, empty tags are ignored
* updated shipping service names for eBay Uk

Official Website, Tryout

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