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CEI EnSight Gold


The professional solution for visualization and analysis of structural problems at the time of testing under the influence of extreme heat, vibration, acoustic, and mechanical factors.
Computational Engineering International (CEI) was founded in 1994godu, headquartered in Apex, North Carolina. Since its inception, and to date, the creative team strives to always provide new, more powerful and more affordable solutions for various industries. The flagship product of the Computational Engineering International (CEI) is an EnSight.
With the largest range of functions and tools of the existing, EnSight lets you see what you could not see and document the past. In addition, EnSight works on all major computing platforms and supports interfaces to most major CAE programs and data formats.
In the CEI EnSight Gold built-in ability of parallel operation with multiple computers simultaneously, the analysis of complex mapping applications. The program includes advanced visualization features with support for many standard file formats that contain both theoretical and engineering data. EnSight Gold can be successfully used for data processing of the CFD and FEA programs as a graphical postprocessor. The latest version of EnSight data formats supported systems such as ABAQUS, ADINA, ANSYS, CFX, Dytran, FLUENT, LS-DYNA, Nastran, Star-CD, and many others. It adds the ability to compare results from different systems into a single graphical user interface, as well as opportunities for presentations of their results.

Key features of CEI EnSight Gold
* SMP parallel processing support for more than two processors.
* Support for multiple VR planar and non-planar displays, such as RAVE or more multi-panel.
* The system of “Heads Up” Macro (HUM), to create a VR interface and VR input devices for head tracking and manipulation.
* Output to POV-Ray ray tracing program for photorealistic images.
* Interfaces with EnLiten Gold for sharing of results in VR environments.
* Support for 3D input devices Trackd, or set your own using CEI’s provided API.
* Component Server-of-server (SOS) for parallel processing on SMP or DMP architectures.

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