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Awaken, wake up as style with your Mac and your music


Awaken turns your Mac into the ultimate alarm clock and sleep timer. You don’t have to wake to an annoying buzzer anymore. Your Mac is filled with your music and Awaken would like you to wake to a playlist of your choice. Some of the features include Apple Remote support for snoozing and stopping alarms, full screen mode allows you to read your alarm from a distance, volume and brightness fading to ease you out of sleep. Use the sleep timer to fall asleep to your favorite music. Set the volume and brightness to slowly fade out over time as you fall asleep. Awaken can sleep your Mac as well to save power and wake it up at alarm time.

View the current date, time and countdown to next alarm
Switch to full screen mode to view the time from a distance
Wake up to your music or built-in sounds
Supports multiple alarms with sorting and labeling
Customizable snooze control
Create one-time alarms, weekly alarms, or target a specific date
Gradually fade in the music volume and screen brightness
Launch applications or files at alarm time
Controllable via Apple Remote and keyboard shortcuts
Auto-stop alarms after a customizable duration
Supports multiple timers with sorting and labeling
Select from over a dozen built-in sounds
Launch applications or files

Sleep Mode
Fall asleep to your music
Gradually fade out the music volume and screen brightness

Other Features
Activate full screen mode to view alarms at a distance
Apple Remote support for snoozing/stop alarms and more

What’s New in Version 5.0.3
Fixed a crash issue related to the “Play Music via iTunes” alarm action.
Corrected a bug which sometimes prevented music playback for alarms.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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