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In USA, with keyword “mac os x applications” we are in 2nd placement


Today at last, we are in the top of the world in the keyword mac os x applications. Now we are working on mac os x application, mac games, mac software and more.

After 4 years effort and many Panda incidents, we are in the 2nd placement in google search after Apple himself.

In USA, with keyword “mac os x applications” we are in 2nd placement. You folks may see it is easy because our domain name, but in reality it was not. We need put unique content, dedicated visitors and contributors. We were not listed in this keyword in 2 years, and for 2 years we had been in 20th-35th placements. Thanks for your help, without you we cannot succeded. Thanks google for show respect our efforts.

We encourage you contact us as contributor. If you are a software developer please send us your inquiry for us to rate and test your product. We will give you a good placement for your software or hardware releated Mac world.



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