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iPad Simulator Thinks It Has A Camera


One of the biggest surprises, and certainly biggest disappointments for many, when Steve Jobs revealed the iPad was the lack of a front-facing camera on the device, especially after we had heard several rumors saying it would happen (though arguably one of the most reliable people said it wouldn’t). Still, a glimmer of hope, albeit a shaky one, for the future has been uncovered in the new iPhone OS 3.2 SDK beta that may hint at future support for a camera.

The clue was found in the iPad simulator that all developers get when they download the new 3.2 SDK that simulates a real iPad running on their Mac. When CrunchGear checked out the Contacts app in the simulated device, they found a surprise. When they went make a new contact, tapping on the empty “add photo” box prompted a menu with the options to chose an existing photo or take a new photo. That’s pretty hard to do on a device with no camera, isn’t it?

So there are two possible explanations. If the person you ask is actually a unicorn from the magical land of rainbows and flowers, they’ll probably say this is there because either Steve lied and the iPad will have a camera or a camera will be added at some point on future models.
The somewhat more reasonable answer would be that this is just left over from the iPhone OS that the iPad is running, and they just either forgot to remove that option or simply didn’t get that far before keynote day.

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