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Zombie Smash for iPad, iPhone, and iPod


ZombieSmash! is a “Survival Comedy” game for the iPhone and iPod touch, featuring undead-themed castle defense and entertaining, physics-based gameplay.

The game casts players as Joey, a lone survivor pit against a herd of writing, unrelenting zombies — to defeat the undead masses, players must use their fingers to flick and smash them until they’re un-dead.

1 Paid App in US, and chart topping in more countries than can be listed here
Sophisticated ragdoll physics produce unique and hysterical zombie deaths
6 updates and over 25 specials allow for creative zombie demolition
Three game modes provide limitless replay value
Original soundtrack by famed game music composer Chris Hülsbeck

Release Name

Gamedoctors Zombie Smash v2.0.1 iPad, iPhone, iPod, Touch
52.98 MB

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GD Star Rating
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