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Control all of your music, in every room, Sonos


Manage your iTunes library, the best online music services, shows and podcasts, and thousands of radio stations around the world on the multi-pane view, exclusive to iPad. Browse through cover art or drag and drop to create playlists to stream through every room of your home. Play a different song in each room, or play together in perfect synchronization, while adjusting the individual volume of each player.

Use with the SONOS PLAY:3 or SONOS PLAY:5 or any Sonos component running v3.7 or higher to enjoy all of your music, in every room.

* Stream all the music on earth all over the house, wirelessly – no docking or computer required.
* Works seamlessly with Anubis.fm, Aupeo!, Deezer, iheartradio, JUKE, Last.fm, MOG, Pandora®, Rdio®, Rhapsody®, SiriusXM™, Slacker, Internet Radio, Spotify®, Stitcher, Wolfgang’s Vault®. (Service availability varies by region.)
* Instantly access music stored on your computer, and play music from a NAS drive or Apple Time Capsule without turning on your computer.
* Play a different song in every room or the same song in perfect synchronization.
* Control the music selection and volume in each room individually.
* Search for any song with the touch-screen keyboard.
* Drag and drop songs or albums into the queue or now playing pane.
* Wake up or fall asleep to your favorite music or Internet radio station with full-featured alarms.
* Set up or expand the Sonos system wirelessly with the touch of a finger.
* Play Apple Airplay® music sources all over the home.


Mac OsX

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