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RSUploaderX, RapidShare Uploader for MAC OSX


rapidshare uploader mac os xGreat program for upload file on Rapidshare , easy and fast and “free”

Drag files to the Batch list to add it to the queue
Drag folders to the Dock-Icon to add its contents to the queue
Click on “Upload” to start/stop the queue
After the upload is finished the Rapidshare Links will be displayed in the Textbox and can be copied to the Clipboard
Doubleclick on the red icon to delete the file on the rapidshare server (only works for free uploaders)
Doubleclick on the RapidShare link to check the file on rapidshare

This tiny little application closes the lack of the missing Rapidshare-Uploader from the officials for Mac OSX. After i found a Perl API (rsapi.pl) i thought it coudn’t be that hard to code something in Objective-C to have a nice GUI around this script.


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GD Star Rating
RSUploaderX, RapidShare Uploader for MAC OSX, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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