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MenuTab Pro for Facebook, The Ultimate Facebook App for your Mac


MenuTab Pro for Facebook, the greatest Facebook application for Mac, you have your facebook on your desktop with PC like facebook chat application. ,You instantly access your facebook pages and friends when you want without sacrificing browser windows and focusing time. Unlock your Facebook with MenuTab Pro for Facebook now.

MenuTab Pro for Facebook is an incredibly slick and gorgeous app for quickly accessing your Facebook account directly from your Mac’s menu bar. It is one of the most popular and actively used apps on the entire Mac App Store. Our customers asked for it and we delivered. Each of the notification types explained above now have their own corresponding notification pop-up. You do not need Growl installed for these popup notifications to work. However, if you do have Growl installed, you’ll be able to customise the pop-up notification bubbles via the Growl app itself. Facebook chat with all the trimmings, just like it is in your web browser, but with the added benefit of notifications.

*Instant access to Facebook
*Visual and audio notifications
*Beautiful and slick interface
*Facebook chat support (Pro only) (like Facebook PC chat application on Mac)

What’s New in Version 4.2
*Fixed ratings pop-up, it will now never show up again after pressing ‘No Thanks’. Before it used to show up after every update, which will now no longer happen.
*Code optimizations.

Release name
1.53 MB
Homepage, Tryout

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