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Mailplane, The most productive way to use Gmail on your Mac


Mailplane is a tool designed for those of you who love them both: Mac and Gmail. But they are both from different worlds and aren’t friends, yet. That’s where Mailplane comes in to bring them together: Google Mail’s superb SPAM protection, endless storage and global access and the friendliness of your Mac. Send mails from Address Book, Safari or any application showing “mailto” urls and more. You’ll love it.

Save time using photo drag and drop to send attachments
Personalize your messages with formatted signatures
Easily switch between different Gmail accounts
Get notifications and never miss an important message
Link Gmail conversations with Mac documents
Make Mailplane your default email client

Drag and drop to create attachments
The easiest way to attach pictures, movies, documents, or any file to a message composition.
Drag and drop is the easiest and most intuitive way to attach any file or images to a message composition.

Send optimized photos
Pictures get automatically resized and optimized to reduce the size of your message.

Instantly send screenshots
Need to send a Screenshot? With one click you grab a portion of your screen and attach it to your message.
Send pictures from iPhoto
Mailplane comes with an iPhoto plugin that makes sending picture attachments so easy: select any  pictures in iPhoto and then press the email button. That’s it.

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