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LittleSnapper, Screenshot and Website Capture for Mac OS X


Built for people who love to capture webpages or their desktop, LittleSnapper is full of great snapping tools. There’s full webpage capture that lets you save a page to your library straight from your browser of choice and the powerful built-in browser that lets you snap specific page elements using the DOM element capture.

Thanks to LittleSnapper’s all-new screen-capture engine you can capture your entire desktop – multiple displays included – and the powerful area and window-snapping tools make it super-simple to capture any area of the screen you request…


LittleSnapper’s beautiful vector-based annotation tools allow you to mark up your images with text, callouts, shapes, lines, arrows, blurs and highlighting. Best of all, the annotations are all non-destructive allowing you to hide and show them at a moment’s notice.

Marking up images for technical documents, blog posts and customers has never been easier with the useful callout tool that allows you to link text annotations to numbered badges on the page.

Once you’ve started to build a library of snaps you’re free to rate, comment & organise your snaps using LittleSnapper’s powerful library tools. There’s the brand-new Tag Manager, which lets you organise the tags in your library – and tag autocompletion that makes tagging your snaps quicker than ever.

With your snaps rated and tagged, you can build collections of snaps using drag and drop, or you can use the power of Smart Collections that allow you to automatically create ruled-based collections such as ‘Only 5-star-rated snaps of websites’

Macworld Nomination
LittleSnapper has been nominated for a Macworld award! We’re honored to be nominated alongside the likes of Microsoft and Adobe in the Creative Web Software of the Year category. If you love LittleSnapper why not vote for us!


Five Star Super Snapper
“If you create screen grabs for a living, write technical manuals or need to snap on-screen material for a blog, this is a truly useful, innovative tool.” – MacUser Review, February 2009.

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NFO, Homepage
Tryout, Torrent Search

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GD Star Rating
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