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Vizati, Puzzle Game for Mac OS X


Finally available for Mac, Vizati is a puzzle game that will put your mind to the test.
You have to rotate a magical cube to group the little vizati stones by color and figure out the best way to do it with a limited number of rotations/moves.

Story Mode
In story mode you can follow the story between Julie, Peter and their friends, who discovered the Vizati cube. You have a limited amount of movements by level to solve each puzzle. As you progress you the story will keep continuing as a backdrop even when you are playing.

Arcade Mode
Arcade is a rawer, faster and even more teasing mode with special stones. Some will freeze you game, others will help you by switching to a needed color. The Arcade mode is sub divided into 2 objective types.

Key Features
Use gravity to make the stones connect by rotating and flipping the Vizati cube
50 Story Levels
Rich art style hand drawn
Beautiful music
Arcade mode with special Vizati stones
2 distinct Arcade modes

Release Name
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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GD Star Rating
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