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Trenches Generals, Mac OS X


While we tested game, we had lots of fun. Tutorial introduction game was nice. It gives main concepts easily and you feel you meet victory with your newly produced (trained) army. We tested on MacBook 2.1, simply it requires nothing as video card or cpu. We guess all intel Macs gonna rock with this game. Nice, small, good planned, strategy and fun game. Why do not you give a try!

The war rages on and you must continue the war effort in Western Europe during the Great War. The brand new campaign allows you to have more fun than ever before and allow for a whole new experience! For the first time ever, Trenches introduces a perk system to allow the player to customize the way they battle! Love the sniper? Now you can choose the perks to equip them with better weaponry or reduce their cost. Does dropping heavy artillery on incoming troops excite you? Now you can do it more often! The brand new high definition art will have your eyes explode with delight! Well, not literally, but the vibrant detail looks great!

Expanded and reinvented Campaign
Tons of achievements
Zombie Horde mini-game. who doesn’t love Zombies?
Original Voice Talent
Original Musical Scores
Improved Enemy AI
World Class HD Art
Captivating Gameplay
Tons and Tons of Cowbell

Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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GD Star Rating
Trenches Generals, Mac OS X, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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