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The iPad continues to emerge as a major player not only in the tablet industry but in the video game business as well. With help from popular developers, the App Store has managed to feature some of the best games for casual gamers. From the likes of Angry Birds HD to the casual style of play in Zombie Farm, each game brings a new set of challenges and graphical glamour to the iPad. With so many games to pick from, some are better than others, and for any student pursuing a degree as a video game designer, these gems should be works of inspiration and art.

Max Payne

Released originally for the Xbox and PlayStation 2, Max Payne introduced gamers to a disgruntled, futuristic cop looking to unravel the mystery of his family’s murder. Mix together with some Matrix-style bullet dodging, drug peddlers and enemies, and you have yourself a recipe for success. Now on the iPad, Max Payne returns with the same plot as the original just with upgraded graphics, touch controls and a Retina-Display. If action, explosion and a captivating story fit your interests, Max Payne is for you.

Angry Birds Space HD

For 99 cents, you can purchase the Angry Birds Space edition, but for an extra two dollars, you can have it on your iPad to show off its beautiful Retina Display. Back for another tour of duty come the little birds that manage to build a casual puzzle game and turn it into a sensational hit. Returning are some of the same birds from the original, but also some new faces manage to make appearances to captivate audiences. Collated with a crazy physics engine, players will be solving new puzzles, destroying pig-like aliens and plowing through dozens of levels in an attempt to conquer each one.

Ice Rage

Remember playing air hockey with a friend? Ice Rage builds on the same entertainment you and a buddy once shared. Its objectives are simple: using your player, score as many goals as possible, but with a tough A.I., scoring will be no breeze. You’ll have to outsmart the A.I., especially in the later rounds, but each goal will award you with a sense of accomplishment and pride. With dozens of levels to play from and intense action, Ice Rage is worth a look.

These games manage to appeal to the average gamers, and while great for a quick fix, they also are hard to put down. Anyone interested in graphic or web design careers might learn something from the creativity behind these games.




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