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Bugsy, iPhone and iPod Game


bugsy-iphone-ipod-itouchBugsy! is a fast-paced, action-packed, fun and addicting sliding tile puzzle game designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With over 125 levels and 3 different types of Rogue Enemies you are guaranteed hours of enjoyment. Complete Bugsy’s path to the flowers by sliding the tiles to connect the tracks and complete each level. Keep unlocking more and more challenging levels – the more you play, the more challenging the game becomes. The “just one more game” addictiveness makes Bugsy hard to put down.

3 Types of Rogue Enemy bugs
Great Artwork and Original Music
Listen to your iPod Music while playing
2 Game Difficulty Levels
Tutorial Levels
Game becomes more challenging as you play
Email your High Score to your friends

Release name
7.22 MB
NFO, Homepage

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GD Star Rating
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