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About Us

Welcome to Mac OS X Applications, Our flag-ship company Magrus has been providing hosting solutions for 10 years. We are independent hypermedia producers, professional on various fields of new media. Video production, online email marketing, consultancy on e-commerce, hosting infrastructure establishment, creating niche online content for niche audiences.... If we need to list some of our sites, we may list magrus.com, support2clients.com, email2clients.com... In macosxapplications our aim is choosing Mac OS X software and applications for our visitors and clients. We offer services for your solutions in Mac OS X environment in computers or mobile devices. From iOS to Mac OS, we are using or providing best practices on Mac World. We produce tailor-made applications for our blue-chip clients and ready to supply your solution upon request. You may like our site even if you are just a home user or professional designer... Keep contact. We like to have your requests, opinions and recommendations.
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